January 31, 2012

The Great Escape

So I'm plotting my departure from The Job. For real. Actually, I've been plotting it since the day I got there, over three years ago. JimiNEE, has it been that long? See, that's how they get you. The fluorescent lights, the Goody Days, and the GD banality of it all finally wear you down until one day, you look up, and 20 years have gone by, and they're planning some brisket plate (dessert's extra) retirement party for you in Conference Room 3. Well, not me, sister - no thanks. I'm OUT.

Not quite yet, but soon. The plan is to wait until Peach has finished kicking cancer's ass, and my officemate gets back from maternity leave (I couldn't leave them two warm bodies down. I'm not a total bitch.), and then it's adios, mofos. Somewhere around mid-May? Sounds good to me. And where am I going, what am I doing? What all bright(?), young(?) attorneys-at-law, esquires do - I'm hanging out the proverbial shingle.

I know, right! Me, the lawyer who really doesn't like practicing law. Here's what happened: I was at The Job a couple of months back, cursing my work and the asshole lawyers and their asshole clients who make my days so very unpleasant. I found myself saying, "How can you not get this right? Anyone can do this! Even I can do this!" And then I thought, "Yes, as dumb as I am, even I could really do this." Meaning, the same boring work I do now, but for the little guy, instead of The Man. And do it right, and make everybody happy, for roughly the same check each month, but over fewer hours and with exactly NO CRAZY. So T-Bone and I have been mulling over the logistical aspects of "opening" a practice and deposing law school friends about their experiences in the biz. I've done a lot of research on the procedural and practical aspects of this very narrow area of law and how I can get a case from Point A to Point B - and get paid for it. Also, I've spent a fair amount of time trying to grow the balls to actually do this.

Yes, it's risky, but it's also very necessary. As good as they've been to me during Peach's treatment, I'm going Nowhere Fast, personally and professionally, if I stay in that place. I'm really feeling called to the non-profit arena, so the short-term goal is to work to support my Cancer World volunteering habit. The long-term goal is to break all the way into a non-profit career and leave this fucking powdered wig behind for good, but I've got to get my foot in the door first. You know, the foot I've had out the door at The Job since orientation three years ago.

So, baby steps. But it's a start.


Anonymous said...

Ack! Big news! I'm so glad you're doing this! You CAN and WILL do this and do it well! Yippee! xoxo

Karla May said...

So this is EXCITING!! And you know what? Non-profits need lawyers too...

My word verification is "chilly," which is ironic on this balmy Groundhog Day.