December 28, 2007

Can't Talk. Must Pack.

So we're heading off on our anniversary trip, and I wanted to tell you The Story and everything before we left, but time and copious amounts of fatty foods have gotten the best of me, so you'll just have to wait. But I will give you a final clue to our destination, the site of our betrothal 11 years ago:

Happy New Year!

December 25, 2007

Feliz Navidad, Y'all

And how are YOU this fine morning? Did you get everything you wanted? T-Bone and I don't give each other gifts but it seems that every year, right around Christmas, we have some sort of emergency and NEED something big, like the ever popular tires I've gotten for two or three Christmases. This year, I thought it was going to be a toilet, but instead, I got a new vacuum. Wheee! Of all the cleaning jobs, vacuuming is my Zen, so I am actually pretty excited to test it out.

Santa did quite well for las ninas, as was evident by their insisting on immediately getting every toy out of its box (and requisite labyrinth of plastic ties and wires. Seriously! I just feel sorry for the person who has THAT job) and reading every book upon opening them. I won't bore you with the complete rundown, but I can say the dollhouse and furniture were a huge hit, especially with Peach (as expected), and Olive couldn't be happier with her gooseneck horse trailer. Just what every good horsewoman needs, right?

Now that the dust has settled, my parents are ROCKIN' out to my mom's new Celine Dion concert DVD (there is something so wrong with the whitest woman in the world belting out, "I Wish," but whatever. They love her.). Peach and Olive are busy creating a world where Polly Pocket and Barbie can live in peace and harmony, and T-Bone is prepping for Tamale Fest '07 tonight. Me? I think I'm gonna do like Barbie do, as styled by Peach:

Blessings to you and yours!

December 21, 2007

You Can All Relax

The elusive dollhouse furniture has been found, so cancel that APB. I managed to grab the last bedroom set at one of our throwdown Targets, and I didn't even get propositioned in the parking lot or anything. THIS time. So, with the help of dear family members, the quest covered 17 Targets (8 around here, 6 in San Antonio, 3 in other farflung Texas towns), and my extreme hardheadedness actually paid off in this case. In fact, I was so thrilled to find the bedroom set, I bought the last living room set, too. Barbie plays piano, right? As long as Peach and Olive enjoy the dollhouse long enough for me to pay my gas bill, it's all good.

In other news, Peach completed her star-making turn as a Nutcracker mouse and angel, and I was there to witness the dressing room carnage for three out of the four shows last weekend. Seriously, some of these girls had 6 and 7 costume changes, in mere seconds, and all the wardrobe "mistresses" could do is bark at them to "Hurry!" and "Don't get lipstick on anything!" I just got them in and out of there as fast as I could and with as few tears as possible. And it so doesn't have to be that way, but because they've "always done it this way," no one was too impressed by my suggestion to put Velcro in some of the harder to manage costumes. Whatever, we're done. And I got a cute Christmas card picture out of the deal. Except that it's really more of a cute New Year's card picture because I seem to be a bit tardy for the Kodak Gallery's shipping deadlines. Just know that I'm still deeply in love with my children and will be shoving evidence of their delicious cuteness down your throat well into the New Year.

Speaking of, have you guessed where T-Bone and I are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary over New Year's yet? No? Well, A) You are so off the New Year's Card of Adorableness list, and B) To repeat, it's one of my favorite places in the whole world, and we shared a very special moment there oh some 11 years ago. I expect answers post haste in the comment section.

We celebrated Christmas with T-Bone's folks last weekend, and besides the "surprise!" kid-sized "homemade" (as opposed to the much-preferred "handmade" - you know the difference, right?) picnic table they won at some silent auction and proudly presented us with, it was all relatively painless. Is it just me or does this make you terribly sad, for many reasons:

How very unfortunate that it seems to be too big for our porch and that we may have to pawn it off on my BIL.

Peach and Olive finished up with school yesterday, so we're all free and easy for the next two weeks. Even T-Bone! We're headed to San Antonio for a weekend with Mama and Papa Turista, as well as Abuelita Turista, but will be back for the Big Day. Until then, here's ye ol' (new) tannenbaum, which, even though it took me a week to decorate, was so much less painful than the one last year.

Have a great weekend!

December 12, 2007

Viva Nuestra Senora

And girl, please grant me strength. Like, today, if possible.

Since my last post, we've had four rehearsals, four shows, a teacher conference, a broken toilet, house cleaning, house lighting, tree trimming, and many, MANY trips to many, MANY Targets. Seriously, if you're at Target, and you see the Bedroom Furniture set for the KidKraft So Suite dollhouse, could you hook a sister up? NOT finding it in the immediate three county area, and they don't have it online either. Bastards.

Not only is it imperative I find this set in order to make the Christmas dreams of two darling angels come true, but it also would mean that, short of a couple of gift cards and two things I ordered online, I'm DONE. As in, wrapped, ready, and under the tree. The past two weeks, I've been operating on pure adrenaline and candy canes, but apparently, that works for me. And once the Ball Breaker Tour of 2007 is over on Sunday, I just don't know what I'm going to do with myself next week. Work out, perhaps? Nah. But I may be flying up to Target headquarters to kick some ass for $15 dollhouse furniture.

December 4, 2007

Hear Me Now And Believe Me Later

I have just entered the Ninth Circle of Hell. It's dress rehearsal week here in Ball Breaker, USA, and Peach and I will be at the theatre every night this week, including four performances this weekend. Next week is about the same. So, you might not hear much outta me these next two weeks, short of gasping and growling. The people, y'all. The everloving PEOPLE I am dealing with. Unbelievable. I'm exhausted just thinking about telling you how exhausted and DONE with them I am. Peach, however, has been having a great time, and she is very much looking forward to the shows. We'll see how it all shakes out in the end, but I have a pretty good feeling we'll be moving on to the big leagues next year and leaving these aliens behind. I mean, ENOUGH with the pageant talk, ya know? Damn.