April 29, 2012


From the blog I write for Peach:

Somehow, 28 months have passed in the blink of an eye and at a snail's pace at the same time. And here we are at the finish line. Finally. It almost seems like time should have been standing still, now ready to begin again - but it's over two years later, and I am in awe of the poised young lady we now have in our midst. She has faced every challenge with quiet strength and a wisdom and confidence well beyond her years. She has moved through this experience with grace and determination and, quite often, a smile. She has been patient and trusting and never ever doubtful. And she soundly and decidedly kicked leukemia's butt.

And so, it is done. I am overwhelmed by the messages, texts, and all-out LOVE that has been coming at us from all sides today. We celebrated by holding our second annual charity art show for childhood cancer research and our third annual blood drive and marrow donor registration drive - both hugely successful events, yet again. Peach did two television interviews, got hugs and well-wishes from just about everyone in Austin, Texas, and handled all the hoopla so very well. That girl, y'all - That.GIRL. It was truly the best day ever. Ever.

Much more to say, and I will, once I float back down to Earth. Love love love to all.

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Anonymous said...

Truly amazing, your daughters! LOVE to your entire family! I'm so THRILLED she's done. xoxo!