November 19, 2008

Carnivores and Sugar Fiends

I’m surrounded by ‘em. So far, every week I've been at The Job, there's been at least one food-related event – usually two. Every time I turn around, there is some sort of bake sale/sausage wrap fundraiser/silent auction/costume contest going on somewhere in the building. In the first month alone, there was a pie eating contest, a blindfolded Jello eating contest, a Project Runway wacky dress-up contest, and a crazy co-worker costume contest. And when I went in this morning, I was nearly felled by the sights and smells of the barbacoa tacos being shoved down every open piehole. Damn, people, ease up. Then there was much talk of the vast array of donuts, muffins, and heat-and-serve tartlets just begging for a coffee chaser. It’s absolutely non-stop around here.

And don’t even try NOT to indulge because 47 people will come by your office to make sure you know that they’re about to run out of the chicken-on-a-stick so they’re slashing prices and you better haul ass to the break room if you want one. "It’s for a good cause." Yeah, and so were the make-your-own-ice-cream-floats and design-a-funny-hat-out-of-office-supplies contest we had last week. Doesn’t anybody ever work around here? Besides me, I mean?

Oh, and guess who opted OUT of the potluck Thanksgiving free-for-all/cake party tomorrow? Yup. And I loooves me some cake.

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Badger said...

That is the kind of stuff that drove me nuts when I worked, particularly when I was at the state. I swear, it cost me more money to work there than I made, what with the $5 for this and $10 for that EVERY FREAKING DAY. Gah!